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Meet Coach Melissa

Hi!  I am Melissa Monroe, and I have a wonderful husband and two pretty terrific sons.  I am also a certified Pn1 nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.  


I have spent most of my life NOT thinking about nutrition and health.  After determining I had multiple food intolerances in my thirties, however, I started focusing on changing my diet to help me feel my best.  One healthy habit usually leads to another, and I started walking my very energetic puppy, Jasmine, three miles every day (honestly more for the puppy than for me.)  Eventually, walking wasn't enough exercise for Jasmine, so we slowly learned how to run together.  At 40, I fell in love with running, races, and the local running community.  I have completed multiple 5k and 10k races, half-marathons, a 25k trail race, and a 50k trail race.  Along with running, I enjoy cycling, strength training, and yoga.  Nutrition has become a big part of my life so I can have the energy to do all the things I enjoy. 

Jasmine still runs with me on occasion, but she prefers the shorter runs or walks these days.

Questions?  I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to message me!


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Meet Melssa
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