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Food Intolerances or Allergies

Food Sensitivities

Has your doctor told you to remove certain foods from your diet, either for a certain amount of time or permanently?  Don't tackle this intimidating task alone!  Learn.Eat.Thrive has the knowledge and experience to guide you through this unique type of challenge.  I can help you:

  • learn the keywords in nutrition labels that can show hidden foods

  • explore substitutions

  • maintain optimum nutrition

  • learn tips and tricks for eating in restaurants, and 

  • navigate the emotions involved in eliminating foods from your diet.

Check out my Food Intolerances package to start feeling better today!

*Learn.Eat.Thrive is not a medical practitioner and does not diagnose or treat medical issues.  We can help you implement diet guidelines prescribed by your doctor.

Food Intolerancs
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