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Specialty Areas

While L.E.T. looks forward to working will all different types of clients with all different goals and challenges, I have three specialty areas of focus.

Food Sensitivities
Possible/Known Food Intolerances

Has your doctor told you to remove certain foods from your diet, either for a certain amount of time or permanently?  Don't tackle this intimidating task alone!  Learn.Eat.Thrive has the knowledge and experience to guide you through this unique type of challenge.  I can help you:

  • learn the keywords in nutrition labels that can show hidden foods

  • explore substitutions

  • maintain optimum nutrition

  • learn tips and tricks for eating in restaurants, and 

  • navigate the emotions involved in eliminating foods from your diet.

*Learn.Eat.Thrive is not a medical practitioner and does not diagnose or treat medical issues.  We can help you implement diet guidelines prescribed by your doctor.

Food Intolerancs
Weight Loss

Weight loss is never easy.  Fad diets and celebrity trends often lead to weight gain once the diet is over.  Learn.Eat.Thrive can help you build life-long habits that will promote a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. No fads, no gimmicks, no judgements.  L.E.T. nutrition guide you!

Weight Loss

Whether you are new to exercise and want to learn how to fuel your body or an experienced athlete who wants to get that next PR, I can help.  I can work with you to improve your athletic performance through nutrition.

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